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West Lincoln Chamber of Commerce - Smithville Train StationThe West Lincoln Chamber of Commerce is continually reinforcing our belief that West Lincoln is a great place to shop, work,  play, and live. West Lincoln offers peaceful family life, with your choice of 420 businesses to shop from, 32 churches to attend, 32 community groups to volunteer your time with, as well as 9 schools to choose your child's education.

West Lincoln consists of 94, 716 acres and includes the communities of Abingdon, Allens Corner, Basingstoke, Bismarck, Boyle, Caistor Centre, Caistorville, Echo, Fulton, Grassie, Kimbo, Port Davidson, Rosedene, Silverdale, Smithville, St. Anns, Vaughan, Warner, Wellandport, Wilcox Corners and Winslow, all of which support our quaint community with our rich historical background, strong agricultural roots, and cultural diversity. Travelers will experience the sight of beautiful renovated century farm homes, often surrounded by dairy, poultry, or agricultural farmland of corn, soybean, or wheat.

West Lincoln also produces large volumes of maple syrup and most recently emu and ostrich production! Many Greenhouses are also part of our community supplying flowering plants, vegetables and shrubbery for both the retail and wholesale market. 

PoultryFest Niagara 2010Annual Events in our community like PoultryFest Niagara happen right in Smithville and attract thousands of people to our community for this one day day event from all over the Niagara Region, and even from other countries! 

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